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Plain Path

200927 Renewed Minds

200920 Are There Lost Gospels

200913 Witnesses of God

200906 What is Your Custom

200830 The Art of Taking a Stand

200823 Exercise

200816 How Quickly Things Change

200809 Give Us a King

200802 The Faults of Others

200726 Young People, Don’t Give Up!

200719 Family

200712 Ambassadors for Christ

200705 The Grace of God

200628 Financial Stewarship

200621 The Bible & Dancing

200614 The Mercy of God

200607 Being Imitators of God

200531 Back to Basics

200524 The Heart

200517 Speaking the Truth in Love

200510 Responding to Crisis

200503 Do Not Pass on the Other Side

200426 The Transfiguration of Jesus

200419 Made in the Image of God

200412 Traits of True Faith

200405 Life in Quarantine

200322 Dealing with Fear

200315 The Work of the Local Church

200308 A Sanctified Life

200301 A Call To Sanctification

200216 Satan Hindered Us

200209 Motivations

200202 Back to the Beginning

200126 Being Like-Minded

200119 When God Says Nothing

200112 The Story of Aquila

200105 Aim High


What Is Authority?

Is It Necessary

When God Speaks

Improper Sources

Correct Source

Not Under Law

Law & Grace

Establishing Authority

Specifics & Silence

Expedients in Religion


Modern Pharisees?


Bible Translations

Hindrances to Understanding the Truth

Is the Bible the Word of God

Are There Contradictions in the Bible?

Accuracy of the Bible

What’s it About?

Is It Complete?

Can I Understand?

Final Authority?

Law of the Speaker

Law of the Listener

Words & Sentences

Figures of Speech





Days of Creation

They Say It Was An Accident (poem)

Science Goofs

Horse Chart

A New Theory

In The Cross-Fire

Argument of Design

Why An Old Earth?

The Young Earth

Laws of Science

Where’s the Proof?

Geologic Column

Children See It

Mechanisms of the Flood

Criticisms of the Flood Record

The Flood

Dinosaurs & Humans

Prophecies Fulfilled

It Wasn’t Expected

The Missing Body

Conversion of Saul

His Resurrection

The Bible Was Right

The Bible Knew Right


What Is The Soul?

What Is Sin?

Saved From What?

Saved By What?

God’s Merciful Choice

The Source of Faith



Baptism - When?

Role of Baptism


The Gift of God

Salvation - Faith Only?

The Thief On The Cross

Who Are “the Few”?

That Little Fishy Thing

Sovereignty of God

Inherited Sins

The Election Of God

Limited Atonement

Irresistible Grace

Once Saved, Always?

Praying Through

When Was Paul Saved

How Does God Harden the Heart?

New Testament Church

It’s Different Aspects


Authority of the Church

Identifying Church

Singularity of the Church

Name of the Church

Purity of the Church

What Did it Teach?

Church - Local & Universal

Church Membership

Work of the Church

Individual & the Church

Church’s Organization

Worship Of The Church

The “Social Gospel”

Hope & Living

Faith & the Blessed Hope

Hope Set Before Us

Death Warmed Over

Heaven Awaits

Will We Live Again?

Our Morning Star

“Things Not Seen”

Social Drinkers


Note To Muslim Visitors

Origins of Islam

The Life of Muhammad

Miracles of Muhammad

“Gospel of Barnabas”

Is The Bible Accurate?

Islam Attacks the Bible

Salvation & Islam

The Nation of Islam

Islamic Terminology

Sabbath Today

The Sabbath at Creation

Two Laws at Sinai

Fleeing on the Sabbath

New Testament Sabbath?

First Day of the Week

Ten Commandments



Respectable Homosexuality

Episcopal Approval

Methodist Approval

Is It Queer

Vicious Texans


Tiny Tim

Stem Cell Research

Abortion & God’s Word


Proverbs on Drinking

Jesus Was Just Like Me


Ten Reasons Why I Swear


Pull Up Your Pants

Blindfold Me & Get Me a Guide Dog

Dressed to Kill


Bulletin Articles

Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment & God

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